Monday, November 23, 2009

that nutty nutella

I can say with some certainty that this is one of the most random [at at the same time hilarious] emails I've received in some time :

SUBJECT : This made me think of you!
"Hey Suzanne! Hope everything is going well for you!  I happened across this scene in a bathroom today and couldn't resist sharing it with you!"

that nutty nutella

They say Nutella goes with EVERYTHING.  What they DON'T say is that Nutella should go EVERYWHERE...especially a public restroom.  

Nevertheless, thanks for thinking of me Chey!


Ramsay said...

this is absolutely hilarious, and something that would definitely be found in a Smith bathroom... I can see it now.

Thank you also for your comment! I am indeed very excited for my family (and Patrick!) to come to Paris in December.

aimee said...

this made me laugh so hard i don't know what else to say!

Sheila said...

Someone with a serious Nutella habit. It was probably in her purse before she tried to get rid of the evidence.

Annie said...

Hilarious! Thank goodness I don't keep Nutella on hand, or I'd be a lot bigger than I am. I cannot resist it.

Lrc said...

Wow! and I thought that I loved Nutella, but obviously someone has a much more serious habit than I do! I like strange moments like that!