Monday, January 04, 2010

amsterdam part 2 : atmosphere

sidetracked in amsterdam
Despite a somewhat shaky beginning and ending, our time in Amsterdam was absolutely blissful. And while frigid temperatures prevented us from spending time sketching the streets and canals of the city [in all their wonky fairy-tale-like beauty] they did lead to hours in warm cafes, sipping hot cocoa smothered in whip cream, watching passersby outside the windows, listening to a background music of conversations in foreign languages, and, doing what I love best, attempting to capture moments before they fade away.

This drawing is from our table in the window of a little restaurant on a street bordering the busy Dam Square. Rarely do I have the patience/attention span to focus on details the way I tried to here, but with a week ahead of us and nothing to do but enjoy ourselves, I was able to slooooow down.


Lrc said...

That sounds a bit like my trip to was cold there too and we were all sick so we had to slow down and it was actually great. I love your sketch, I like the blue color you used! I feel like i'm in the scene...thanks for your nice comments on my little face sculptures!

Jeanine said...

lots of movement. fantastic sketch!

Anthony said...

This is a really beautiful sketch.