Saturday, January 16, 2010

process makes perfect

Classes resume on Tuesday and I'm taking advantage of every last minute to prepare. I'm especially excited about a studio I'm team-teaching this semester with a focus on design process. In order to gather some visuals for handouts, blogs and such I've gone back through several of my old sketchbooks. It's fun to see what ideas were being processed months and years ago, especially since most of them are never posted here and end up in the sketchbook graveyard.

process makes perfect

Tomorrow I'm off to Tallahassee (you may remember I have a hard time spelling this word) for the annual conference on Art + Design for Social Justice, but I'll be back on Tuesday for my students and you! Until then, take care!


Anonymous said...

Have a safe and terrific trip!

Krista Meister said...

Oh my! I am in awe of the volume of sketchbooks you've gone through, pictured here and presumably many more not pictured.

Liz Steel said...

what an exciting class! I have just been thinking about my design process (as an architect) and how I use sketching vs CAD. Not surprisingly no one who designs 100% digitally has responded to the question posed on my blog!
The process is so important - and sketching the most important part for me! Have fun.
BTW, I love following your blog although I hardly ever comment!

Michelle said...

mmmm....the design process...can I come to your class!!