Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Experimentations in drawing hands by hand and manipulating with mouse in hand.


sketchbloom said...

oh my goodness1 I was just thinking the other day how nice and personal it wold be to draw my hands and post it, a different kind of portrait. Hands tell so much about a person, we could go around and draw people's hands...what would they tell us about a person's life? By the way love the quote you placed on your sidebar, one of my favorites. I think I will sprinkle quotes on my blog too! have a great Tuesday...my favorite day of the week!

edgar cabrera said...

ooohhh! nice waffle! i would recognize those hands anywhere!

Lrc said...

I agree, hands are very personal and tell you things about a person that the face can hide. I also like the layering of the fingers and the sense of movement. I've been sculpting small hands and its been satisfying...lovely work!

Anonymous said...

I love the movements of the lines and the different tones.

Michelle said...

Wow...hands are so difficult to draw...and here you are doing them so perfectly!! I feel the movement. I hope you have had a reason to put away the worry dolls:)


San said...

This picture totally confuses me!(in a good way) Which hand is over which?

Interesting work. And it shows me again, that everything can inspire us, even the most mundane things. I still have a lot to learn. Thanks.