Friday, February 19, 2010

new resolve

You may remember that some time ago I stood topless at the front door of my home and declared that I was going to start updating this blog with 'housekeeping' posts. [If you don't remember, and are concerned by my exhibitionist tendencies, I suggest you look here.]

Well, I've totally not kept up my housekeeping pledge and I'm sorry. Sorry for you....but, even more so, sorry for me.

sad studio

You see my friends, this is the current state of our studio [if you can even call it that]---Let me restate---this, my friends, is the state of the room that stores our computer, chair, filling cabinets, wastebasket and cords. It's sad, sad, sad. Which makes me not feel like being very creative in it, which is even more sad, sad, sad. SOMETHING has to be done.

So, from here on out, it's going to be design on steroids. Either that, or I'm going to pull my hair out...and that doesn't make for fun drawings about bobs.


Anonymous said...

It's true - that an inspiring space is - well, inspiring! Have you cruised through the Modish hand made spaces flickr poool - maybe some serious eye candy is what you need!

San said...

You can't be serious, even my desk is more fancy!

I would have guessed that there would be a much bigger table for one. An architects light, tons of pens and books, and your drawings all over the wall.

If you're in need for inspiration, is one of the best sources in my opinion. You definitely qualify for one of her before&afters.

PS: This old pic of you is really cute. We are probably the same age.
Enjoy your weekend. Happy re-officing.

MoolyBee said...

I've just re-upped my office space, which is one corner of our bedroom, so I have to see it every day (you should have seen my old office - walls full of thumbtacked kids' art, cards from friends, general crazy. And then we moved.)

I've always wanted to do a desk/workspace out of an unfinished door. Nice width and length, not a lot of caish. Perhaps some lovely decals on the walls. There are amazing ones on etsy. It's hard to be creative about your space when the space itself drags you down

Good luck! I'm sure it'll be lovely, especially if Edgar concocts more beautiful pencil holders for the desk.

Noor.D said...

i'm not sure if you are familer with the "made by girl" blog, anyway she did an amazing clean makeover for her home office.

here is the link:

sketchbloom said...

feng shui it!

cindy said...

whoa, nelly! you're sitting in the corner. where is the window in relation to your desk?

you can turn that around right away by creating an inspiration wall with wire or just some tape. you are even more talented than i thought because your work space is only giving you a place to sit and work on. don't pull your hair out because it hurts, bobs are cute and it won't solve the problem!

suzanne cabrera said...

Hahaha...your comments make me laugh. Please don't give up all hope on me. This room represents zero effort. Absolutely zero.

I can assure you good things are in store!

allisynmiller said...

you are HILARIOUS! (topless at the front door....)
i truly miss your fabulous way with words!
hope all is well...


suzanne cabrera said...

Thanks Allisyn! Miss you and hope you are well!