Wednesday, March 03, 2010

the jetta went down to georgia

first day of kindergarten
First Day of Kindergarten : August 1985 : Same haircut.

I won't be posting anymore this week as I'm heading out of town today to a conference in Athens, Georgia. My friend Debbie [who, like my sister in 1985, also happens to drive a Jetta] and I are presenting about the ways in which design thinking applies to all community-based projects. We're hoping the presentation we make can turn into a series of workshops to share with schools, non-profits and community organizations elsewhere. Do you represent one of these groups? Have any interest in learning more?

It's all very let's see!

Also, this is my first time in Athens. Any recommendations on where to go, what to see...what to draw?


MoolyBee said...

Athens is fun. Just the buildings downtown will make you want to doodle - make sure you look up, the architectural features on some are only on the top floors.

I haven't found a bad restaurant there yet, my favorite right now is The Last Resort, on the corner of Hull and Clayton. Excellent food.

Hope your presentation goes/went great!

Blogging Elle said...

The Van Gogh bulldog is fun. :) And I thought the Folgers bar near campus was interesting... lots of wood, old windows, etc.

Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...