Wednesday, March 31, 2010

quacking up

Spotted near campus:
quacking up
This fashion-forward goose is always changing her clothes and always making me laugh.  But this ensemble tops anything I've ever seen before.  I think Spring is here.

Thanks to Patrick for the quick iPhone photo action!


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

That is one hip and happenin' goose! (Where does one purchase a bunny costume for a goose?)

suzanne cabrera said...

That's a question I'd also like to know the answer for!

San said...

This pic is absolutely hilarious. And it took me a while to recognize the goose. Whoever did must have an very, very, very nice humor and is someone I'd like to call friend.

Happy eastern or whatever you celebrate.

C said...

Oh boy... that is just a little bit creepy looking, and awesome!

Anonymous said...

LOL! We've always thought those geese statues were tacky, but what a riot to dress one up for the different occasions!

Anonymous said...

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