Friday, April 16, 2010

little things

...make me happy.small things
I've been collecting quite a bit of vintage and thrifted goodies here lately. If only I was a better photographer, I'd share more. In the meantime, I keep drooling over what I'm seeing here and here. Such great eye candy.

Yooohoooo Tim?!? Where are you...and your camera?


Annie said...

Sweet! Little things make me happy, too.

And I'm hoping your depression lifts soon. Your blog is a window into a totally different world for me (a non-artist) and I love it!

Tim said...

Oh Im here!

gnomeangel said...

This is a great image. I love thrift finds. Sometimes they outweigh the "brand new" finds.

I love these little birds, and the map is such a nice touch. Not to forget those lovely spring blooms.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Kristina Ragan said...

The 'forever is today' blog made me think of my future study abroad trip to Finland! All of the foreign language made me excited to learn Finnish! Thanks!