Thursday, May 13, 2010

alumni housefly

If you were a fly on the wall...or an attendee in a Tuesday's Office of Leadership and Service Learning Community Partner Breakfast you might have seen this:
community partner appreciation breakfast

See the bigger picture here.


edgar cabrera said...

yeap! i am familiar with this view. I was that fly that sat on the rim of your sweet tea cup while you were sketching! I would appreciate a little bit more sugar on that tea next time!

suzanne cabrera said...

Sorry...must have been another event. No sweet tea on this day, only juice.

edgar cabrera said...

I must have been in a bar that day then...It was probably LIT I was drinking! I love being a fly...from cup to cup!

Michelle said...

Suzanne...I just browsed through your Flickr album, and I'm so inspired to are amazing!! Just so talented :)