Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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brought to you by band-aids
Just a few more things left to pack, and I'll be finished clearing out my office at school. I recognize that I've drawn this process out for a while, but with good reason: I can only fit 2 boxes in my car at a time. And, all joking aside, up until my farewell party last week, I hadn't been in that big of a hurry to move on. Now, however, it's the good memories and amazing community of students, friends and, of course, blog readers! that I want to focus on, not a sad half-empty office. I'm ready to rip this band-aid off.

On another note, while things are a bit somber here today, they are very inspiring over at my significant other's place...if you can get past the goofy photo of me and the succulents [you'll know the one]. Let it serve as a reminder to NEVER cleverly insert yourself in an otherwise harmless photo shoot.


Anonymous said...

I dunno; I thought you looked beautiful in the photo...succulent, one might say. ;D

suzanne cabrera said...

Hahahaha....good one Teresa!!!!

cindy said...

you're cute as a button and shouldn't be self-conscious about what you write here. we're with you for the ups & 'downs' of your journey. the down might actually surprise you and turn into an up. you will see. xo, c

MaryBeth said...

Hey lady! How have you been? We haven't talked in forever, but I gather you are moving on from UNCG. What is next for you, chica?

suzanne cabrera said...

Perhaps I'll be a guest in your classroom?!? Art project anyone? :)

I'm not sure quite yet...though I'm excited to find out!

Keith said...

Love the little sketch. We don't look at these kind of things enough. I am a huge fan of packaging as art, and your sketch made me smile.

And as for your cameo amongst the cactus..... fressshhhh !!!