Thursday, May 13, 2010

throw caution to the wind

You may remember Heather, my friend who was a finalist in last year's Mannington Commercial carpet tile design contest.
heather miller
Unfortunately, when all was said and done, despite buying multiple fish drinks, Heather's design wasn't chosen for production. The good news, however, is that lightening does strike twice and Mannington chose this design star as a finalist in this year's competition. Whoohooo!
This time Heather drew inspiration for her design, 'throw caution to the wind', from the wings of dragonflies.
heather miller : dragonflies

heather miller : throw caution to the wind

Heather is a tremendous designer, who I was lucky enough to work next to in studio during my last semester as a student. I'll be voting to help Heather win this year's competition and hope you will too after learning more about her design and inspiration here. [Be sure to watch the video about her process...if you've been following this blog for a while, you may recognize a tie back to 'an open [sketch]book' :) ]

As was the case last year, the winning decision is based on a total number of votes from those visiting the contest website. So, let's help Heather and start voting!

Thank you!!!!


edgar cabrera said...

i saw your sketches! Nice! Go Heather! Show Mannington what North Carolinians are made of!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Heather for directing me to your site - I'm loving it and look forward to really exploring it and will continue to follow!

Blaine Photography said...

Heather sent me, and I really love the blog! Cool.

suzanne cabrera said...

Thank you for stopping by [and supporting Heather]! Hope you come back!

Anonymous said...

Love dragonflies (and one had a crush on me once too)...voted for Heather!

Rebecca N. Hassan said...

very nice!