Tuesday, June 22, 2010

come fly with us

30 wishes | 30 balloons
30 wishes | 30 balloons
IMG_806930 wishes | 30 balloons
With each balloon, a wish floats into the sky.
[all photos by Tim Robison]


Ramsay said...

These photos and the idea they capture are inspired, Suzanne! Great work artistically and philosophically, I say. Cheers to you.

suzanne cabrera said...

Thanks Ramsay! It was SUCH a good day.

Yarah Designs said...

Such an amazing idea! I had to post this one to my blog www.yarahdesigns.blogspot.com Simply Beautiful! I will have to incorporate this idea into a party of mine. Thank you for sharing.

Ava said...

Usually I wouldn't say this, but what an environmentally unsafe thing to do...like littering. For shame.

{ L } said...

This is AMAZING!! I am in awe. I just found you through the Catch My Party blog and am in LOVE with this idea. I want to completely copy it for my 30th. Beautiful, simply beautiful.