Tuesday, June 29, 2010

feathers in a bottle

feathers in a bottle
[my small collection of feathers gathered on walks with Pokey and Reilly]

Good morning. Hope all is well where you are!

I have small favor to ask. If you're linking to this blog and/or following on Google Reader via the web address http://suzannebuchanan.blogspot.com, I'd appreciate it very much if you would kindly take a moment to change your link to http://anopensketchbook.com

I'm hoping to soon retire my blogspot address and this is a first step.

As always, thank you so very much for making my sketchbook a regular stop on your internet tour! And thank you for taking a moment to change the links.


Anonymous said...

Done! & no problem. I'm already in love with your blog!


Irina said...

I have recently started googlereading, and it shows the new link. Great blog, wherever you move.

Lrc said...

I will find out how to change the link...I love the feather in a bottle sketch!

hearblack. said...

i've got an obsession with feather sketches