Monday, June 07, 2010

getting up and going

Pardon the late post. I was feeling a little less than creative when I woke up this morning. However, after taking the time to do some of the things that inspire me the most : lunching with my gal pals, visiting Anthropologie, thrifting and a little plein air sketching I'm feeling much, much better.

I'm lucky right now to have the freedom to take off and do these things. Hopefully you are in an even better place, but if you're not...and are chained to a desk...allow me to share some of this inspiration with you.


First up, I'm Loving with a capital 'L' the new colors of latte bowls at Anthro. I'm especially drawn to the combination of gray, seafoam and yellow. Feels like a winning paint combo if I do say so myself!


Ditto for this nail polish:




While making the rounds at one of my favorite thrift stores, I was very tempted to start an awkward cross stitch collection. I already have two [see here and here] and according to my mom, all it takes is three of something to have a collection. Sadly, however, this awkward cross stitch is too true to life right now to be funny. Oh well, another day.

my get up and go got up and went

I also found this ahhhhhmazingly huge map of Paris which I would love to have in our bedroom if it wasn't 429-. Since I can't have it, you need it, don't you? I'll come visit and be cool by virtue of association.



Finally, I visited Addam's Art Loft for a new sketchbook and pens. It never fails that my inspiration and pens run dry at the same here's to keeping plenty of fresh pens! With new supplies in hand, I copped a squat and drew the store.


I'll share that drawing and the ones from my vacay soon! Until then, wishing you the best...and a steady supply of ink-filled pens!


Anonymous said...

1. What wonderful colors!
2. I can come up with a DIY version of that fabulous paris map you wanted so bad. for a fraction of the price :)
3. i love love love the photo of you sketching. Not very often do we get to see you with your sketch book with the sketch in it :) and cute sneaks to boot!


oh and p.s. cheers to new pens!

suzanne cabrera said...

Thanks Adelaide!...for everything.

Troy said...

cute shoes!

omg ... those grey latte bowls. have i mentioned that grey is the new orange (at least in my simple little world)??

here's to cracking open the new sketchbook and appreciating having the time to turn it into a work of art ... as you do so well!

Cassandra Gustafson said...

I love that huge map of Paris as well! Perhaps especially since I just got back from there :) Where was that?

suzanne cabrera said...

Troy---Oh, but gray IS SO the new orange :) Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement!

Cassandra---you need it! It's at the Red Collection off Holden Road. I look forward to seeing some amazing photos from Paris....

Rebecca said...

wow so cool!

la ninja said...
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la ninja said...

my get up and go got up and went too, I'm slowly getting it back though (the slippery bugger.)

"in between jobs" at the mo and sometimes having trouble to enjoy all the time I seem to have. how silly is that. later on I'll surely complain I have no time for myself.

off I go to do enjoyable stuff. yay.
dig the plimsolls & love the sketch.

no way said...

I like the last shot, especially combined with the finished product in the post above. What's something at a thrift store doing costing $429? That thrift store has a lot of nerve. Or else it's much more high-end than the St Vincent de Paul by me.

Cassandra Gustafson said...

Suzanne, I have found some amazing things there! I haven't been there in a while though- I had to stop going and collecting things haha. My pictures are up on Flickr now from Paris :)

Priscilla said...

I love thrift/junk stores! I'm the only one in my family who does.

sketchbloom said...

great now i have to have the hair thingamajig ...thanks a lot...lolcou