Monday, June 21, 2010

close to home and far away

close to home
Luckily for Edgar and me, one balloon made it no further than our own backyard.

I have to admit, I'm feeling a bit like Charlie Bucket today, all warm and fuzzy inside as golden tickets that have fallen from the sky begin to make their appearances.

We had a third balloon find today [if you count Edgar and I as the second and 'The Brits' as the first]. This balloon made it all the way to Cary [a little over an hour east of Greensboro!] where Chip Miller was running near his house. Chip writes:

"When I found the balloon off the road approx. 15 ft. I knew right away there was a message to be found. I was right.

This is the second such balloon in 2 years I have found with the first being sent from a church in Charlotte. The first wish I made upon finding this balloon was for both of my deceased grandparents, Joe and Flo
Wilms… for them to have found peace and the hope they know I am thinking about them and hoping they are watching over me. They were fantastic grandparents and were very active and supportive for both myself and my sister growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of them electronically to share.

The second wish I made was for the person that signed it and his baby he mentioned, “A HUGE smile on my baby’s face”…Matt J., that they both have a wonderful happy long life together.

Thank you so much for sending this message (to me). There is a reason I found it and I hope to make the most of it by sharing your meaningful message. Thanks."

And thank you Chip, for sharing this with us.


megan said...

I love this idea. I also love that this person wished for other people, not himself. A true example of this project. I hope you hear from more people!

San said...

I know it's crazy, but just reading about those balloons and the stories makes me very happy.

It's just plain wonderful.


Tanuja said...

It's such a wonderful idea! You are touching so many people with this simple thought. I wish I get a balloon too... but I don't think it will travel as far as Virginia!

blogaloorgirl said...

a great idea... and the wonderful thrill of getting a message from the heavens.

MaryBeth said...

I ADORE this idea. My 30th (gulp) is approaching fast (July 20) and I think I want to do this for my celebration as well! Of course, my balloon release will have to be in NY since that is where my fiesta will be. What a wonderful idea. I'm totally stealing it! I love how I can always count on you for inspiration!

Jan said...

Nice idea
Many Happy Returns Suzanne.