Monday, June 07, 2010

the places my mind wanders

Ask anyone who has studied art or design in Greensboro in the last 15 or so years where most of their money went as a student and I guarantee they will say Addam's. This unassuming building is the mecca to which young artists and designers flock to on a near daily basis.

I started keeping tally of all the things I'd purchased at Addam's, along with a few other things, as I sketched this afternoon.


**Shawn is my friend from childhood. He had an wrestling themed 6th birthday party, complete with a Hulk Hogan cake, that has left me with an indelible birth date memory. Happy Birthday Shawn!


Anonymous said...

We have sort of a similar place in town called's changed hands once or twice over the years, but it's still a nice place for artists and art students to hang out. Funny about your friends birthday party and your memories of it!

I've been drawing nearly every day now since you introduced us to Michael Nobb's book, BTW...thank you!

San said...

There are two "art" supplies in town that I know of: "Die Tube" and "Comic Combo". Personally I like the Comic Combo a lot more, since it's nice to hang out there and get inspired. "Die Tube" is a real art supply but it's uncomfortable to browse there, since it's always empty and the clerks always watch you like you are going to steal something. Clad you have a store that encourages browsing.

I really love your drawings, they seem so easy. And if you want this energy and excitement back, it's in your hands/brain. You just have to decide that you are excited and believe in it and you will be. Takes a bit of practise, but eventually it will work.

This was my first korean food too and I love and recommend it.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Your drawings of architecture are beautiful and look (though I'm sure they are not) effortless. Really inspiring! Thanks!