Thursday, June 24, 2010

some are silver and the others gold

You may remember a while back I warned that I can't be cushy all the time...well, forgive me because today I'm not cushy, I'm gushy.

[Cue the somber music...a little R.E.M. might be appropriate.]

If you've been reading between the lines of my sketchbook, you probably know that this has been a trying year for me. I've had several difficult blows, some I've openly shared here [i.e. job loss] and some I've dealt with privately. Throughout this struggle there have been so many people who have surrounded me with love. So many! In fact, at the beginning of these trials, I'd describe myself as only having one or two close I feel so very different.

Of course, Edgar is my number one supporter---I can't imagine life without him.


He's constantly around to make me laugh when I'm on the point of tears, reassure me when I feel like there is no hope in sight and sing with me when times are good. He's the best partner I could ask for.

And then there is Addie.

Simply put, Addie is my best friend--and one of the kindest, most selfless people I know. She's empathetic and optimistic, a great listener and a thoughtful advice giver. On top of all this, she is so, so creative and fun....and did I mention clever? This is why it was no surprise when Addie suggested ending this difficult year with a party. A party she would throw.

I've already shared photos from the balloon release, but there was much more to the festivities, in many parts thanks to Addie---but also to the many new and renewed friends I've opened myself up to in the last year. Here, have a glimpse.


And cheers to you as well. Thank you for being one of my friends. We may not live in the same town, or even on the same continent, but your kind words and visits mean so much to me! Here's to more happy times ahead!

See more photos from the party...including lots of mustaches here.

[all photos by Tim Robison]


la ninja said...


well, you look bloody healthy and happy for starters and that's not nothing (if this random ninja may say.)

I've also suffered job loss this year and even though I thought I had taken it pretty well, it's still a bit of a "shiitake" (quoting oskar schell.)

to infinity and beyond, I say. one foot in front of the other and one step at a time (at least that's what I tell myself.)

"cheers, me dear"

The Journal Challenge said...

Suzanne, I really love reading your blog. You always post in such an optimistic way. You are really inspiring to me - in a creativ and in a personal way.
I hope the next year(s) will get better - you deserve it.
Kepp your pecker up and stay this amazing woman I just know from the net.
I have friends in North Carolina so I know how humide this season is. In Vienna (Austria) it is not as humide but (hopefully) as warm.
I hope to read many many more wonderful posts from you.
By the way, a wonderful way of saying thank you for being there to friends and family.
Have a nice weekend,

Jen Yancey said...

suzanne, you are so amazing... i love reading your blog... your journey!! you have an amazing way with words and even without words your drawings speak for themselves. they are beautiful, as you are. i think your birthday was a clever way to celebrate turning 30! thank you for sharing your live with your readers.

Jen Yancey

Jaye said...

Fabulous photos. They look like magazine photos. The balloons were gorgeous, too.

no way said...

Suzanne! Your photos are so beautiful! The whole party looks like a Real Simple layout, and the VW bus in the background is the icing on the cake (my dad was once a VW repair man, so I have a soft spot.)

I hope your 30th year is as fantastic (and then some) as this party appears-what a great way to kick things off!

PS-My drawing this week is not going so great. I am going to make an honest effort this afternoon. Also, I am so jealous of you going to the Urban Sketchers conference. I am trying to figure out if I can get myself out there somehow. I would LOVE to have the chance to focus on drawing for a few days.

PPS-Are you referencing one of my favorite Girl Scout songs in your post title, or what? :)

raena said...

CHEERS! Lovely post. Hope you have a much better year ahead!

Karen Travels said...

I recently found your blog and LOVE it. I admire your talent soooo much. I keep coming back to read more archives, they make my day!

I am right down the road from you too - in Charlotte!! My parents are out on the coast and I asked them to look for your balloons out there!

Karen Sandstrom at Pen in Hand said...

There is so much cuteness here I can barely stand it.
Be well, Suzanne, and may the good vibes you send out through An Open {sketch}book come back to you in spades!

suzanne cabrera said...

Oh man!!!! You ALL are too much. Nicest comments ever!!!! I thank you all!

Jen--Means a lot to me that you say these things and you know me not only on the web, but in person. I'm always wanting to make sure that who I represent myself as here is no different from who I am off the computer. Thank you for such kind words!

Was definitely in Brownies...for a hot minute or so, long enough to learn the songs, get some badges...but you know what, I think that's another post :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures! & I know what you mean, Friends make all the difference :)

no way said...

Ha! I was only in Brownies for a hot minute too-never made it to Girl Scouts. I didnt like the leader or some of the other Brownies, and I would have rather been drawing or reading or something, so I quit. What a rotten Girl Scout attitude! Juliette Lowe would not be happy with me! (Was that her name?)

Kelley said...

Beautiful photographs. They look like they're from a magazine! It seems like a great party. :)

Diahn said...

Gorgeous party, gorgeous photos, gorgeous people, (gorgeous VW)...thank you for sharing it with us. I hope this year is a welcome adventure!

Joan Y said...

I have been away for much too long Suzanne! Sorry I hadn't been there through the difficult times! I could have sent you some coconut sun-tan lotioned hugs! Glad you said goodbye to a difficult year and ushered in a new and refreshed year! Many, many hugs to you, my friend! And thanks for sharing these great pics! Love them!!

Carlos Smith said...

Yea!! we love you suzanne!!

allisynmiller said...

wow! those are beautiful, as are you!
looks like it was a magical day.
i'm always so eager to see what you post next, and i'm so glad this made the cut.
miss you suzanne!

suzanne cabrera said...

Thanks for all the great comments!!!! I have to give credit to Tim for the wonderful photos. As Addie and I talked about later, it's one thing to plan a great party, another to document it well. Thanks TIM!!!!

cindy said...

you are so pretty and look really happy; who wouldn't be ;)? i love the vw and the party looks wonderful. terrific photos! happy birthday if i didn't say so, already!

gnomeangel said...

What an amazing celebration! The balloon idea is wonderful and now I'm thinking of how we can have a balloon party in the nation's capital to see if our balloons can make it all the way to you! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm sorry I'm a bit late in wishing you well, but I'll be thinking of you today and sending you more happy vibes!

You look amazing in these photos! Just stunning. Wonderful!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...


Just the best post EVER.