Tuesday, July 20, 2010

unplugging and recharging

Hello! And suddenly, she appears!
As you're likely well aware, my creative energy is not at its highest these days. The past few months have left me drained, so I'm trying to learn new ways to conserve what pep I have and build back up my stamina. Part of this has been unplugging. And by unplugging, I mean stepping away from the computer. As much as I love sharing bits of life with you and growing this blog, I've realized:
too much computer = buzz kill

This may not be the case for everyone. However, unlike my cell phone, lately I'm finding it best to unplug to recharge. So on the days that this blog is silent, never fear, because my sketchbook is growing louder as I'm taking in life and recording my observations. I look forward to sharing these entries with you when it's time to plug back in. Until then, hope you remain fully charged!


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I understand completely. I would prefer to have an occasional creative post from you than regular dozy ones! Recharge! Run, jump, play, smell the roses!

Carissa said...

oh my god. this is too cuteeeee!!!!!

katiecrackernuts said...

Good on you. Looking forward to seeing what you've filled the sketchbook and that down time with.

Genine said...

Hey Suzanne, today is the day we are supposed to check in on you so "What's up Suz?"

i coulnd't find the original post so i asked it here.

oh, llove the bee's and tree's and the idea of unplugging. I was just away for two weeks with no internet, no tv (other than movies) and limites phone and boy was it greeat!

http://moolybee.blogspot.com/ said...

One of my other favorite blogs, Rocks In My Dryer, did the same thing. I can't imagine keeping up the stamina to blog daily, or even weekly. Yay you for knowing your readers will be happy with whenever you share yourself!

: )

Anonymous said...

absolutely agree :) Enjoy your time off the computer grid......

You better not be reading this ;)


Krista Meister said...

Suzanne, I highly agree with your realization! Besides, who wants to be in front of the computer when its so nice outside? For myself, I started "summer hours" of only posting to the blog once a week and picking one day a week for commenting on other people's blogs. So far, so good... I'm getting to spend lots of time with family, doing summer activities and also have lots of time for sketching. Hope your creative muse comes back during your hiatus!

raena said...

I think it is a great idea too. I don't post even weekly, but I spend hours everyday posting comments and looking at everyone's work! Sometimes I feel like I need that break too. I think I'll probably do what Krista suggests, only instead of summer break (Houston, TX...it is the WORST time of year to be outside), maybe a fall break!
You're always so creative and clever that I wouldn't have thought you suffered from low creative energy...ever! We'll see you when you return!