Friday, July 02, 2010

wagonized to the rescue

Just pulled up to the computer for the morning, at a loss for what to post today. I've been working on several FUN projects this week [insert inner-applause] but am not far along with any to share here. What to do...what to do?

Well, because this week is magical, there, at the top of my email, is a note from one of my first, and dearest, blog friends, France [Belleville] Van Stone, sharing with me this drawing---of THE most loved beagle in the whole beagle world.

the most loved beagle
Eeeeeeek! Are you hearing my squeal of delight where ever this post finds you?!? I apologize if you're on a laptop in public! France--you never stop amazing me! You capture those velvet ears, sad puppy eyes and moody personality so, so well.

Check out France's blog, Wagonized, for other examples of Pokey goodness and much, much more! France's talent is breathtaking. It's a honor.


edgar cabrera said...

oh my goodness! it is the cutest beagle in the beagle world! Thanks France!!!!!!!!!!!

Katherine Thomas said...

I love that beagle, and the fact that you've shared your friend's work here. I'm going to look at France's blog now!

sue said...

how wonderful! You SO captured this sweet dog. Excellent!

Joan Y said...

What an honor! I love that your worlds have come together in this gorgeous drawing of your pup! :D France is such a great artist!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

OM effin G. It's too beautiful for words.

I was thinking of you two girls this morning, and how I've been missing you. Got out of bed and came straight to the pc to check up on you guys. I've been neglecting my dearest old blogging friends, but I love you as much as ever. Even if I don't show it.

This really is too stunning. HOW does she do that?