Friday, August 27, 2010

here, have a smore

A certain someone I know [I'm not going to name any names...but let's just say she's been featured here a time or two] is going camping this weekend for the first time since high school and is very concerned about the possibility of a bear attack. I can understand her phobia, because I feel the same towards snakes. Nevertheless, as she described a bear as being 10 stories tall, I couldn't help but illustrate the image that popped into my head.

Good luck friend...and remember to pick up some 'bearspray' at Gander Mountain!


Anonymous said...

I will summon the powers of Greyskull to protect her.

He-man aka matt jones

suzanne cabrera said...

You better! All I can summon is a drawing:)

Anonymous said...

LOL! at both your drawing and Matt's He-Man reference!

Keith said...

That is what ALL BEARS should look like. Cuddly tummy and sharp, sharp teeth. Scary and cute and razor like, all at once.

And, possibly, doing the Michael Jackson Thriller dance routine ?