Thursday, September 30, 2010

aia : designs for our community competition

A few days ago I shared these thumbnail sketches for a competition poster I was working on for AIA Piedmont.aia poster thumbnails

After speaking more with my clients and ironing out several details, I ended up with this as the finished piece:

aia designs for community poster

One of my biggest challenges in making this graphic was the large amount of detailed information that needed to be included. My goal was to integrate the text in such a way that it reads clearly, while not losing the energy of the initial sketches.

In addition to this poster, I'll continue working on the competition's print collateral : including newspaper inserts, invitations and awards. And fortunately, now that the brand has been established, I have a clear path for the rest of the project.


Ramsay said...

This poster looks great, Suzanne! My digital media skills are nowhere near this caliber. I'm ecstatic to hear about such wonderful things going on in Greensboro through your blog.

aimee said...

it looks fantastic! i am fascinated by poster design for just the reasons you mentioned - you have to cram a lot of info into it, make it visually appealing, and also make it look clean and effortless on the eye. and you've done it!

JSimons said...

Hi Suzanne I actually got to attend the function that this poster was at and thought it was great...Good Job!!!