Thursday, September 02, 2010

goodbye summer

Summer 1983 : Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Taking off a bit early this week as I head out of town to join my sister and folks for a Labor Day tradition: the flea market in Hillsville, Virginia.

Here's wishing you a happy end to summer, filled with your own traditions!
See you on Monday!


edgar cabrera said...

i just wanna put you in my pocket! You are truly beautiful from all angles!

Anonymous said...

Edgar is right! You are simply darling and haven't changed one bit. :)

Have a glorious flea-marketing weekend!

blogaloorgirl said...

Have fun, Suzanne!

edgar cabrera said...

now I wanna put you in my other pocket! Keep coming back to this cute photo!

miti|sketchbloom said...

YOU have been so productive and drawing so much!!! woooohoooo what an inspiration....moving to a bigger place , looking forward to have my art corner and do more art! lovely lovely lovely