Wednesday, September 08, 2010

happenings in hillsville

merchandising at hillsville
Good Wednesday morning to you! Getting a late start this week, but I have several fun things in store, starting with a glimpse into the Hillsville Labor Day Flea Market. I made a pact with myself prior to going that I was going to resist the urge to buy stuff I didn't need by instead focusing on capturing the event in sketches and photos. The thrill of the hunt is a difficult urge to resist, especially when surrounded by acres and acres and acres of goodies, but my strategy worked. In the end, I returned home with cash in hand and several fun sketches and photos to boot.

ice cream at hillsville
I think there were just as many food vendors at the flea market as their were antique sellers. The variety of deep-fried items was unlike anything I've ever seen before. Only in the south :)

the tastes of hillsville

corn on the cob at hillsville
I'll share some photos from the day a bit later. Until then, why not sit on a hill, have some corn on the cob and watch the people go by? Trust me, it's a great way to pass time.


Walk in the Woods said...

A great way to pass the time, indeed! And I'm in no hurry for the photos … I can't imagine them topping these delightful drawings!

Anonymous said...

Love these new sketches -- and your touches of color are always so spot on.
Wish I had been there to sketch with you.

please sir said...

Fun time! Sadly had to miss this year but glad to see the update.