Thursday, September 30, 2010

a lifelong illustrating storyteller

...with bad spelling.

Translation : My gazebo once fell down, but me and my daddy fixed it.

I'm won't be around tomorrow as I'm heading to an on-location assignment at the National Storytelling Festival. [Can I just tell you how excited I am to write that?!?! ..."an 'on-location assignment!"] I will be working on telling my own story of the Festival for an upcoming issue of Storytelling Magazine....only rather than using words, I'll be using drawings. Eeeeeek!

Anyway, as this is the case...I'm trying to try to pack as much inspiration into today as possible as a way to say 'thank you!' for all your amazing support. Without it, I'm certain these opportunities wouldn't be possible.


Chel said...

Ohhh- SO sweet!!

Karen Sandstrom at Pen in Hand said...

Hee heee! Congrats on the assignment, Suzanne. You will do a splendid job, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Have fun! & good luck...even though I'm sure you won't need it :)

Helen Ström said...

You can DO IT!!! Congratulations and good luck!
(Hope you'll share the experience)

Michelle said...

he he...what a great treasure. Who would have guessed what it would mean to you one day!


cindy said...

awesome ... have fun!

aimee said...

woo hoo! give us a report!!