Wednesday, September 15, 2010

please help!!!!!!!

suzanne blogger
You caught me...without my bob!

Ok, please forgive me...I'm totally late to the party. But I JUST realized today that the Go Triad Reader's Choice Awards has a category for Best Local Blogger. You all know I'm not a big self-promoter: I simply draw what I like and hope others like it too. But, being featured here could provide me with even more drawing opportunities as I expand my illustration and design business...something I really want to do.

So, with this said, I hope you'll help me with this dream by voting SUZANNE CABRERA!

Remember I said I was late to the party? Well that's because voting ends TONIGHT [Wednesday the 15th at midnight]! So, I kindly ask you to do me a favor and vote NOW!!!! THIS VERY MINUTE!

Let's band together and see how many votes we can get in the span of 10 hours!!!!!!!

And as always, THANK YOU for helping me live my passion!!!!!

P.S. There is also a category for Best Visual Artist. I can't tell you how to vote on this one, but if you feel so inclined....I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks friends!

P.S.S. From out of town and don't know Greensboro? See my local sketches here.


TRACEY KAY said...

Got ya covered! : )

Megan said...

you couldn't be any cuter :)

Carlos Smith said...

Ha I just let everyone in the computer lab know... beat that Tracy and Megan! I hope you win Suzanne!!

suzanne cabrera said...

You're the man Carlos!

Genine said...

oh man! i cant believe i missed it! i definitely would have voted for you.

I've looked at your greensboro sketches before and they are great. I fly into GSO a few times a year to visit family (in high point) I'll have to keep an eye out for your "landmarks"

Good luck with the award.