Wednesday, September 29, 2010

revisiting bees and trees

Here's another 'better late than never post'. You may remember that waaaaay back in July I mentioned that Addie and I were working on the design of a nature-inspired wedding reception. Well the party has come and gone, but thankfully, with the wonderfulness of Sara Harper's lovely photos, the memories are preserved, and can be shared here. Have a look!










Congratulations to Claire and Patrick - the beautiful couple whose love was honored this day! I'd like to also mention that if awards were given to clients [perhaps Addie and I can start a movement] these two would receive one in each of the following categories 'Most Helpful', 'Most Thoughtful' and 'Most Organized'! Cheers Claire and Patrick!

See more of Sara's fantastic photos here.


**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

how're right! to the tiniest detail.

justin smith said...

how random how our paths cross. pat is a friend of mine (we're in a fantasy football league together of all things) and few of my other friends went down to the wedding. they said it was great. how wild is that?

you're on my "to call back list" after I get together with the boss about what we're looking for in terms of artwork for our commentaries.

suzanne cabrera said...

Justin---Coincidences like this NEVER cease to amaze me. It certainly is the smallest of worlds.

Domestica said...

I love that it was styled but not so styled it hurt - I love themes, but sometimes you just want people to take a piece of candy, have a beverage, and enjoy a lazy afternoon celebration.

suzanne cabrera said...

Couldn't agree more. What's a party, if you can't have fun?!?

Monique said...

Oh my, the bunt cakes, the tree bark holders...sweet wedding.

Anonymous said...

you two are some really clever i like the bride's name ;)


elisabetha said...

oh, how lovely!! and how cute are those little logs on the tables with the bundt cakes?!

suzanne cabrera said...

Yes, I've never met a Claire that wasn't great!

Monique, Elisabetha---these were totally the bride and groom's ideas that Addie and I just carried over to the rest of the table. Such a great element!

What I Say Matters! said...

Wonderful Work! i am officially your newest follower!