Monday, September 13, 2010

so I married a green thumb

Good morning! Hope you had a wonderfully relaxing weekend.


We spent the last two days working in our yard. The lawn [if you can call a space without grass that] was pretty bare when we moved in, but Edgar's dedication to covering the aforementioned bare areas with moss, identifying the perfect location for a given plant, nurturing succulents, pampering his baby Japanese maple and searching for unique pavers is really beginning to pay off. From the beginning I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done, but he's been a visionary all along, recognizing a rock here and bit of creeping jenny there will add up to make something beautiful. He's able to see the big picture, or as his quick sketch indicates, the little picture:

edgar gardenPlease note that Pokey is NOT to scale :)

The man has definitely got plans: which I hope he will reveal more about on his blog. Hear that EZ?!?

Finally, as the top drawing indicates, we spent Labor Day planting flowers for next spring. In the midst of this activity, this guy got planted in my head as well:
garden knome
If he grows out of the ground instead of a daffodil, I don't know what I'll do.

But, enough about us, what did you do this weekend? Also, if any of you are gardeners and have posted images, please feel free to share the link. We'd love to see what you're growing!


Carol Blackburn said...

Wishing you luck with your garden. We planted tons of bulbs last year only to have the little moles eat them. If you see track of raised areas in the soil after the snow melts you'll know you had moles eating your bulbs during the winter. Cute, buy nasty little buggers! And oh, if that little guy grows next spring you be sure to take a photo of it. You'll be famous!

Walk in the Woods said...

Ah … dreams of spring! I harvested, cooked and preserved this past weekend. I'll be planting my garlic soon though, with similar dreams!