Thursday, October 28, 2010

brand spankin' new website + celebratory giveaway

I'm happy to announce that my new illustration website is up and running!

new website
After stressing for ages on how to go about building a website with limited HTML knowledge, I discovered Big Black Bag, a super-easy template-based service that makes building a website as easy as blogging! A few painless hours of work and, voila!, I have a new online portfolio!

Have a look and let me know your thoughts!

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Also, as an added bonus, the kind folks at Big Black Bag are generously offering one reader of an open [sketch]book their very own website starter package (valued at 129-) and a free domain name for a year!

In order to be entered to win, all you need to do is leave a comment under this post detailing 'who?...what?...where?...when? OR why?' you're the perfect recipient of this prize. You need only answer one of the questions, but extra credit is awarded for cleverness and specificity!

A winner will be chosen next Monday, November 1!

Good luck!


MaryBeth said...

I love this, Suzanne! I've been looking for the perfect service to host my growing photography collection and my attempt at making a go of it. Big Black Bag looks pretty promising, and I'd love the opportunity to actually follow through with this distant dream of mine! So that covers the who (ME! of course) and the what (my budding photography business - MB Photography - original name, huh?), and the why (finally doing something I have been planning on for a while). As for the where ... I'd use as my domain name. I like it because it kind of rhymes! And the when? ASAP!

Having a photography portfolio would certainly help me to stretch my creative legs when I'm not all consumed with my teaching.

This is exciting, Suzanne!

MaryBeth said...

Do I get bonus points for being first? I guess staying home sick has its advantages. I can actually keep up with Twitter! :-)

Jen said...

Suzanne, the website looks great! What a great template.

This is totally fortuitous timing since I spent all day yesterday researching portfolio-type websites for my photographs. I would love to make a legitimate go at selling them and maybe branching out into special events photography.

This big black bag service is one of the better services I have seen. Their templates are really great!

Andrea said...

It looks great!

Who? Me, of course
aka the Big Gay Dragon
What? oodles and oodles of doodles
Where? Reno, yo
When? For the past 15 years of my life.
Why? Because I need to have one home for everything. Right now I am all over the place ... blogger, tumblr, flickr, picassa, more blogger. One home for everything would be wonderful!

cindy said...

i love your new site and the idea of doing it so quickly and easily!

i should definitely win because i just re-designed my portfolio site in blogger because i don't have the energy to re-do it in dreamweaver!

Chel said...

I LOVE it!!

Liz Steel said...

looks WONDERFUL!!! All the best my dear friend! Hope the work comes pouring in!

MoolyBee said...

Suzanne, your site looks great! It really showcases all you've done, both personal and published work. Yay you! Your style is so apparent, but not in a "done that" way. It just makes it distinctive.

I would L-O-V-E a MoolyBee (me!)site!
There is not one out there (I've looked), and with all the work I have done and multiple sketchbooks and bits of paper all over my desk (ask my hubband!), to put them online and perhaps (perhaps perhaps perhaps - thanks Doris) make something very mine publicly available.

I'm a doodler, a creator, a happy-person maker. Also a mom with a dream of not working in an office full time, and showing my boys what you can do if you really work at your dream.

: )

elisabetha said...

oh beeeeautiful new site! congratulations suzanne!

as for the added bonus...why, yes please! :)

who:: it's tough choose a label -- designer, teacher, musician, artist, traveler... i think i prefer "dreamer".

what:: moments. life. love.

where:: the world is my playground.

when:: yesterday, tomorrow. now.

why:: do first, ask second.

patrick lee lucas said...

site looks great, suz! another item checked off the october TO DO list.

patrick lee lucas said...

who : patrick lee lucas, the design history guy

what : receives accolades from design enthusiasts the world around

when : 2011

where : online

why : best new website on design for the year, hosted by big black bag

SOFIA said...

love it))

no way said...

Beautiful site, Suzanne! How wonderful to be able to see all your hard work in one spot-and for others to be able to find it too! I am feeling inspired!

Allison Wilson said...

who : mee pleasee
what : blog meets portfolio meets resume meets a simpler life
when : my "spare time"
where : world wide web laddyy
why : because i spent all summer and fall break putting together an online portfolio for my study abroad deadline and to have one place for everything and then the website decided to retire the template i used right before i could publish it for my deadline!
..and because yours is making me jealous..

eileen said...

Congradulations Suzanne! The website looks great - wish you best of luck with your new business!

please sir said...

Suzanne - just popping in to say WOW! It looks great! I'm so proud of you and your goals!

aimee said...

it looks SUPER!! thank you for the tip - I'm planning to do an online portfolio next year and this looks like a great place to start!

Walk in the Woods said...

Nice website - clean, crisp to the eye and simple enough to navigate!

As for being "the perfect recipient" all I can say is that my spouse (bless his heart) sometimes calls me Mary Poppins … because I'm "practically perfect in every way." :)

Kate said...

Hi Suzanne - your website looks really nice - clean and simple. It's easy and fun to look at.

Laureline said...

Your site looks fantastic! I've been dithering over making a website for ages. Lack of knowhow seemed like a hindrance somehow ;D. I'm going to check out Black Bag for sure.