Friday, November 12, 2010

handsomely handy

I'm working on an illustration project this afternoon inspired by a gift from my friend Liz. Liz is the manager of The Salvation Army Select [the store I'm proud to say my students designed and constructed last spring year] and always has her eye out for vintage goodies with me in mind. How lucky am I?
A few weeks ago she stumbled upon this...the 1957 Better Homes & Gardens Handyman's Book...which is about as good as it gets for me. Ahhhhh...the inspiration. I especially love the illustrated divider pages. There is something so wonderful about picking one color and making it work for the entire composition. Simple, understated, gorgeous.
Look at that pegboard organization! No lost hammers in this house!
There is one thing that is a bit odd though... I didn't know one must smoke in order to be handy around the house. Just look.


Even mom lights one up, though at least she has the courtesy to go outdoors.
Ah, the they've changed.
Here's wishing you a happy [and handy] weekend with those you love.


alarmcat said...

Oh, I love this book! The illustrations are great!

It reminds me of a book I had about 20 years ago. It was published in the early 1900s and was "How to be a good housewife" or something along that line. It told how to beat your rugs and how to make soap and how to treat fevers and coughs.

I don't believe it mentioned smoking a pipe though :)

DeVona said...

Hi! That reminds me of a Golden book I used to read my kids with 50's type illustrations, titled, We Help Daddy. It was quite chauvanistic (did I spell it right?) The "Father" had a pipe in his mouth in all the pictures that depicted his children helping him do household chores- washing the car, washing the dog, raking, etc, as the "Mother" baked cookies inside.!

Debbie said...

liz pulled through, yet again. excited to see the outcome of this project of yours! :)

Kim Hambric said...

What a great book! Lucky you!

Not so lucky is dad, passed away long ago from lung cancer. Mom is probably living it up at the retirement village, helping all the other women to hang up their shelves and paint their walls.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Reminds me of the circa 1961 Betty Crocker cookbook I inherited from my MIL. ;)

Trix said...

Oh my, I can see why you were so excited to receive this beauty. I love it too! I also like the little boy looking up at his father, admiringly, dreaming of being able to smoke and construct at the same time..

Thanks for sharing, what a great find, in such fine condition too!

Krista Meister said...

Love it! I still have a BH&G Junior Cookbook styled in much the same way (the kids, however, were not smoking cigarettes LOL).

cindy said...

i have a book like this from my mom for sewing and it is fantastic. perfect inspiration for you!

Johnnie Scoutten said...

Ha! We had this book at home while I was growing up. Fun.