Thursday, November 11, 2010

not all four-letter-words are bad

I've had this image saved in my 'design inspiration' folder for quite a while...since February of '04 to be exact. I keep coming back to not because of the design, but rather the powerful message of a single word.

from Interior Design, February 04

LEAP : to jump or spring a long way with great force.

Today I met with an friend who is listening to his dreams and talents--- leaping towards a life he loves. Seeing him reach his goals is such an inspiration. It makes me want to leap too.

Perhaps I'll start with some letters on the wall.

How about you? What's inspiring you today?


Andrea said...

I listened to a great talk with Lynda Barry on talk of the Nation (npr) about doodling and creativity. I think it will be available as a podcast sometime this evening. :)

Anonymous said...

Panic inspired me today... :}

aimee said...

awesome title. panic makes me leap, too!

Laureline said...

Ha! I love TeresaR's response! Having time to think and draw and paint, at long last, is inspiring me now. I want to leap, too! Let's leap together!

edgar cabrera said...

you make me want to leap! :)

home staging said...

Good title..! I love all the inspiration photo you are posting!