Friday, December 03, 2010

but that's only half of it...

I got a big care package in the mail this week, filled to the brim maternity clothes from a friend. Here's just a few of them! In total they took up nearly 5 pages in my sketchbook.
maternity clothes

As happy as I am to have these, I have to admit, as I was sketching them, my heart skipped a few beats. If these super-stretchy clothes fit a body carrying one baby....what about two?!?

Was I looking into the future when I drew this?!?

I need a drink milkshake.


edgar cabrera said...

thanks so much Amy! I wish I was pregnant too so I can get cool clothes like the ones you sent :)!!!

Amy said...

Trust me don't wish you were pregnant! Very excited for you both!

rachel awes said...

i loooove your funky
illustrations of
these clothes!!!
sending lots of loooove..
(& the word verification
below is belly!!)

wagonized said...

I couldn't get to Safari fast enough once I got the Feedblitz notification for this post!
Where have I been?!
CONGRATULATIONS on the babies!
Hahahaha this is so great, so darn great.
I am so happy for you and Edgar.
Gorgeous illustrations too!