Monday, January 17, 2011

the art of living

In my web-surfing today, I ran across two things I found exceptionally inspiring.

The first, a quote via Swiss Miss. I decided to jot it down to post as a reminder in our studio...especially on those days when I feel lazy because my work doesn't really seem like work.
lawrence pearsall jacks
And second [via Design Mom], a video about The Satorialist: a person who exemplifies the above quote. I thought he was cool before, but even more so now that I see how down to earth he is. No need for bravado. Love that.


Emily Wilson said...

Love that quote!
Thanks for that bit of inspiration a gloomy monday! (and im so jealous of your "work" you have a great job!)

Chel said...

Thank you for this- I desperately needed to read something like this today! I feel like I'm slogging off even though I'm doing exactly what I should be doing (experimenting, making plans and sketching out design ideas).

Barbara Campbell Thomas said...

Isn't the sartorialist video wonderful!!!! I love it too!!!

Pattie Wall said...

Suzanne - thanks for sharing these. I love the quote - it's a definite mantra for ME - as well as others I know!

stress1971 said...

That's a very very inspiring video! Thanks a million for sharing it!