Tuesday, January 18, 2011

celebrate good times

My mom, sisters, niece and nephew are headed my way today to shop for maternity clothes, eat at the Cheesecake Factory, and take in the Norman Rockwell Exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art with some of our friends. Seems like a good reason to celebrate with a little confetti, don't you think?

What little celebrations are you experiencing this week?


martinealison said...

Les petits anges vous ont écrit tout plein de belles phrases sur ces petits confettis... Des petits mots bonheur...

Jen Appel said...

I took the afternoon off and went to the movies sans-guilt (okay, a tiny bit)! And now I am dancing to Swan Lake all around the living room.

Katherine Thomas said...

I want to come on your celebration! I guess I redecorated my bulletin board for a celebration.

wagonized said...

Yay! Maternity clothes! Fun!
My reason to celebrate this week: Martin Luther King Jr. Day followed by a snow day = 3 day work week.
I think of you A LOT. I hope you are feeling great.

no way said...

I had a huge smile when I read this-shopping for maternity clothes with your sisters and mom is so wonderful. I bet you ladies had a blast, and lots of laughs too. Did anyone try on the "fake stomach" at the maternity clothes store? :)

I had got together with my "Mom Crew" this morning. We had croissants and Nutella. Want to come be an honorary member of our group? We accept anyone who is interested in Nutella.

dominique eichi said...

I relieved vicariously through your post of my time when I was pregnant. I enjoyed it very much.
I wish I had the Norman Rockwell exhibit to go see.... maybe some day ! Enjoy it all.
Love those confetti !


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Best wishes,

Helen Ström said...

My nine year old son, Alix, bought me flowers (with his own money) as a surprise for my birthday!! Just loved it! He's such a lovely and caring son all the time!
I'm very lucky. : )
(For christmas he spend all his savings for presents... I got a huge magnificent book about sketch books!! I keep looking in it, it's a tresure of sketches and drawings... )

debra morris said...

Belated Congratulations to you and Edgar....haven't stopped by for a while. It was great to catch up on your recent work and your news!