Wednesday, January 26, 2011

your thoughts matter


We are really excited by the increasing amount of comments we've received in the past few weeks. It's thrilling to see all the different places these thoughts come from, the diversity of perspectives and the ways in which ideas sometimes overlap.

We recognize a blog is nothing without its readers. We appreciate you and encourage you to always share your thoughts. They keep us inspired!


Ang said...

Well, now I feel like I need to comment just to comment! lol. Thank you for inspiring me :o)


Kasey Gentry said...

this blog just amazes me. you and your husband are so talented. not to mention, hilarious. do you make art for people by their requests at all? like if they had something they wanted sketched up and they paid you would you do it? speaking of "sketched" i am sounding somewhat sketchy ha sorry.

Carol said...

I, too, am always amazed that after spending a half hour browsing around theninternet, I've been able to interact with people all round the world.

suzanne cabrera said...

Thank you! Yes Kasey, we do take on custom work. Feel free to email us with any possibilities.

gnomeangel said...

This little Aussie thinks you both rock & can't wait to see what your futures bring.