Wednesday, February 02, 2011

this is what we're talking 'bout

So excited! Just got the following email from Leslie at Sherwin-Williams:

Hi Suzanne,
I just wanted to let you know that your blog recognizing Darragh at the High Point Road store was sent to us by our marketing people in Atlanta. It is so nice to hear GOOD things about our people. Customers are quick to tell us about problems and rarely express their good experiences. The blog has been passed along to the Greensboro District and Darragh will be recognized in our monthly newsletter.

Congrats Darragh! Cheers for going above and beyond.

Stay tuned later in the week, when Edgar recognizes another outstanding individual: one with a green thumb and a golden attitude.


Addie said...

It really is wonderful that you two are recognizing the great people in the service industry that you encounter! These are tough jobs, they encounter probably more negative people than positive... so even just one person cheering them on makes the job worthwhile! Keep it up!
And congrats Darragh!

imagine:joy said...

This is wonderful to hear! I used to work in retail and positive customer feedback is really meaningful. Great new feature to your blog!

Jen Appel said...


martinealison said...

Bon retour des choses... Félicitations!

MoolyBee said...

That's awesome! I go out of my way to compliment and tip service industry people - waiters, clerks, you name it. Most of them are doing something because they're on their way to something else, so when they're doing a great job, they might be making the best of a bummer situation. Which totally deserves applause!

Yay you, too!