Wednesday, March 30, 2011

flat stanley comes to visit

I finished up a project this afternoon for a very patient client: my seven-year-old-niece, Wren. Some time ago, Wren had sent me her friend, Flat Stanley [you made have heard of him...or in this case her], to "take care of." And...with the help of Uncle Edgar, Flat Stanley has seen a thing or two. Take a look...

Dear Wren--

Thank you for sending Flat Stanley to our house. It was nice to have some company. In fact, this is why it has taken me so long to send Flat Stanley back---I'll miss her!

But, the house will soon be filled with other visitors...the twin babies I'm expecting in May. Can you believe that in just a few short weeks you'll have two new cousins?
Flat Stanley went with me to the doctor's office when I had an ultrasound to check on the babies. She thinks one of them looks like Grandpa! I told her that all bald babies look like Grandpa.

Because I'm pregnant, I haven't been able to do a lot of things with Flat Stanley that I think she'd enjoy, like jumping on a trampoline or going to the water park. We have, however, spent a lot of time outside, walking the dogs and enjoying spring.
Occasionally Flat Stanley got a little bored hanging around the house. Whenever this would happen she'd pack her bags and travel with your Uncle Edgar. You probably remember that Edgar goes a lot of places with work---this spring was no exception and Flat Stanley fit snuggly in his passport.

In the last few weeks they've gone to:

Do you know what city that is?
Here's a hint: your parents lived there before you were born.


Flat Stanley has certainly been earning some frequent flier miles! Perhaps she can use them to take you somewhere neat soon. In the meantime, she told me that she misses you and the rest of your class so she's ready to go back home to University School.

I miss you too Wren. I'm sending my love along with Flat Stanley and hope you'll both come visit once the babies arrive. How do you think Flat Stanley is at changing diapers?!?

Love, Suzanne


What I Say Matters! said...

This is precious

Blakeni Delyn said...

the cutest darn thing i've ever seen!

Annie Pazoo said...

Unbelievably adorable. Best letter to a niece, ever!

Cindy said...

you are going to be the sweetest mom.

TeresaR said...

Wren's Flat Stanley's adventures are much more fun than the one in the book! ;) I hope Edgar liked Vancouver, my home town!

t.t. for spoonables said...
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t.t. for spoonables said...

Dangerous what ten little fingers can do! Baby deleted prior message!

Thank you for sharing the super cute Stanley adventure. Ours will be heading to San Fancisco today. Crossing our fingers and toes that he will be stopping by Tartine, Bouchon, and a few other foodie hotspots. Crossing our arms and legs that he'll come back with a few edible surprises too! (hint, hint, Diane)!!!!

Tim said...

Cool stuff.