Tuesday, March 29, 2011

bear with me

I am SOOOO excited!!!!!! SOOOO excited.

After several days of having too little energy to even unfold the newspaper, I waddled to the curb late this afternoon to pick up today's edition and discovered some thrilling news!

Michael Berenstain, son of Jan and Stan Berenstain, the husband and wife team behind The Berenstain Bears, will be speaking at Elon University this Thursday! I've been a fan of Mama, Papa, Brother and Sister Bear for as long as I can remember. Reading these books with my mom are some of my best memories. And I know that studying the Bear Country drawings has certainly made an impact on what I do today and even the place in which I do it [check out this bear-inspired-post from a few years back].

According to the N&R, Michael, whose childhood was the fodder of many of the bear family stories, continues to write and illustrate new Berenstain Bears' stories along with his 87-year-old mother. He will speak about the importance of early literacy, as well as writing and editing for children.

If you live in the area and want to attend, you can find all the details here.

On another note, Happy Birthday to my own Sista' Bear, Addie!


no way said...

We love the Bears too, and we used to call Erin "Sister Bear" because, at one point, her hair was similar to the character. Now it's too curly and wild...but we're still fans!

Too bad we're so far away. I would love to check this out.

TeresaR said...

Birthday wishes to your sister, and have fun at the talk! :)

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Danielle said...

I also have fond memories of reading these with my mom. So glad to know the series is continuing. How great is it that you can share with your children something from your childhood?

Molly said...

You've inspired me to order MORE "a new baby is invading our house" books!
The Berenstains never disappiont! I'm sure that they'll teach Gracie all about how her little world is about to be ROCKED.