Thursday, April 28, 2011

35 weeks

growing 35
This isn't exactly the piece of cake it used to be. Though in an attempt to see the glass half-full, at least I can't see how swollen my feet are.


MoolyBee said...

Keep repeating to yourself - I will see skinny again, jeans will again be my friend. And you don't have to buy a maternity bathing suit, lucky you!

My sis is due in 5 days, and she's finally finished all her projects! You'd think with it being #4, it would get easier to plan.

I'm cheering for you!

TeresaR said...

That's the spirit: look on the bright side! ;) You're probably thinking now that you should have bought stock in Tums, right? LOL!

San said...

I love this series of yours. And best of luck.

Thanks for the comment and the wonky shape of the egg, well, it's easy: I simply can't draw. That's the reason why I do swirls and a bit of cubism/futurism. You start out not knowing where you end up, which makes it hard to fail. Lol. My old art teacher would probably get headaches from this, she never liked my "art". Well, I was even worse back then. *snicker*

Walk in the Woods said...

Thanks for the big smile. :D Hope you're smiling too!

nikki said...

so excited for you two!

fabrik-BILDschön said...

hihi...welcome to the club ;) i can#t see my feet either ;)

greetings from germany