Sunday, April 10, 2011

sketchworthy service : cole @ wal-mart #3658

It's sad to say, but it isn't all that often you leave a big box store these days saying, "Wow, that was some incredible customer service!" Saturday we experienced the exception to this rule. While looking at goldfish in Wal-Mart, we were greeted by Cole, as sales-associate who was both very knowledgeable about fish [thank goodness or we'd have some belly-up] and extremely courteous. Cole took his time answering our many questions and made sure we had everything we needed to prep our new tank prior to leaving the store. He seemed personally invested in the success of our new project. A very refreshing experience!

About this series : Having both spent our fair share of time employed in customer service, we really value meeting people working with the public who seem to genuinely care about their jobs and the people they come in contact with. We find that it's these individuals, not necessarily their products, that make us repeat customers. Occasionally we highlight these fine folks as we encounter them, believing excellent work should be noted, valued and appreciated.


TeresaR said...

Hooray for Cole and others who are exemplary at customer service! (And I adore your goldfishies)

Anonymous said...

I agree, it is the folks and their attitudes toward the customers that make or break a business. So glad you had a very helpful service person. Love the goldfish!