Monday, May 23, 2011

high school reading meets pregnancy

Still no babies. Five days past the anticipated due date...not that I'm counting.


Anytime I find myself in a lull [though never quite like this], I'm reminded of the title of one of my favorite high school reads: All Quiet on the Western Front. Today this led to some searching of the various book covers associated with the text. I find it very interesting seeing different artists' interpretations of the same title/concept and speculating about which one I'd purchase if given the opportunity.

I tend to like the ones that focus on a small, but important element from the book.



[illustration by Beat The Pulp]

...though I do like the somberness of this one...

albert nguyen
[illustration by Albert Nguyen]
book cover 2

Can't you hear the art director on this next one? 'Sure it may be the 'greatest war novel'...but sex sells! Put a girl on the cover!


All in all, I'm ok with things being quiet on this front. However, I am praying that the boys don't decide to take a page from another literary classic, Henry David Thoreau's Walden and stay indefinitely.


"Hey little guys! This is your mom. I like to rest as much as anyone, but there is more to the world than undisturbed solitude! Come out and play!"


San said...

Haha, great post. Never like this book though.

Just this morning I stopped by your blog and when nothing had changed, I thought that you just got your hands full with your two boys. Well any extra day is good, so enjoy the last calm moments. They will soon be over.

Thanks for stopping by and best wishes to you and your boys.

divinefrenzy said...

I didn't realize you were pregnant? (Sorry I just started following your blog last week :)

And with multiples? Whatever the case my be (even if I have interpreted your post wrongly), congratulations!

I also liked your book cover comparisons. It is interesting to see the differences. Reminds me of being back in art college. Everyone's different takes on the same subject.

Steph said...

oh you are almost there!!! I can't wait to see these little guys. enjoy the last few hours of peace in your home :)

no way said...

I'm embarrassed to admit I'm happy you're still pregnant, because I still haven't mailed you the box I have's sitting on the table, waiting for one last thing. Luckily, it's not time-sensitive, so it can get there at any time, but just like with the babies, the sooner the better!

Best of luck!

MoolyBee said...

Oh, phooey! I hoped you were busy with babies, too! Good luck! Hopefully all this talk about 'nothing's happening' will start something!

Shirley said...

Hopefully very soon!!! Promise you'll have Edgar post something on the blog as soon as possible.

Ann's Art said...

We wait with bated breath! Like Shirley says...have Edgar post your news.....soon we hope, or should I contact the Guinness Book of Records regarding the worlds longest pregnancy expecting twins!!

Liz Steel said...

Hi Suzanne,
Of course you know that I follow your blog all the time and that I rarely comment! I knew that you were getting close... But I read already past the due date...oh dear! How quickly time flies (well maybe not when you are pregnant!)
All the best, my friend! Hope the birth is smooth and your two wee boys come into the world safely!

s.e. said...

i know this isn't what you want to hear but it's not unheard of to carry twins for the full 40 weeks if you or they aren't have any complications. Twins often arrive early but not always. You aren't at 40 weeks yet are you? Don't let them induce you unless the babies (or you) suddenly experience some medical issues.
good luck!!!

Rosie_Kate said...

Those babies must be staying in because they're very happy in there! Something to be thankful for, though I'm sure you're more than ready to be done... Hope you get to meet them soon! Keep us updated!

Annie Pazoo said...

Oh my goodness, twins who are late? And I was sure they were going to arrive on my DD's bday the 19th. I'm thinking of you and waiting to read the happy news posted by you and Edgar :-)

Karen Sandstrom said...

I love this post, Suzanne! What a cool idea. (I haven't read "All Quiet on the Western Front," but maybe I will.)
By the way, when the babies are born you have to insist that Edgar post when you can't.
Any minute, now, I'll bet!

Edgar Cabrera said...

alright, alright! I'll make sure I keep you all posted when the twins come out! Thank you so much for your support. We need it!

3mw said...

We are all eagerly awaiting the boys. Enjoy the last few solitary moments. Wishing you a healthy and smooth delivery! I check every day to see if there's any news.

Jen said...

I can't wait to see sketches of the boys!!! I never had to read this book in high school, unfortunately. I may grab it from the library after this post! I never had to read Walden, either. For some reason, we had to choose between Walden and Moby Dick and apparently I'm a masochist.

aimee said...

home stretch!! hope all is not quiet on your western front for much longer. crossing my fingers for a happy, healthy delivery SOON! xoxo