Monday, May 02, 2011

it's may!

its may!
...and I just bought the same sneakers I'm pictured in here, only a few sizes larger.

Something about this month makes me very happy. Sure I've got a couple of extra reasons to be happy this year; but, for me, May always seems a fresh beginning. I love it.

Do you have any special things you are looking forward to this month? How about traditions or events you take part in every year around this time?


Danielle said...

Super cute pic! I agree about May being special. Its my husband's birthday, mother's day & the beginning of truly warmer weather...what's not to love???

Chel said...

When I lived in NY, May meant warmer weather, and when I lived and Atlanta, May meant summer break from university. Now May is not only Mother's Day and my birthday (the ONE holiday I don't have to do a major craft project with Gracie for as a gift!) and also the end of tourist season, so it always brings something to cheer about :)

TeresaR said...

Well, I'll be turning 47 this May...just 3 more yrs until I get my AARP membership...woohoo! ;)

I'll bet you are just as cute now with those sneakers on as you were then!

Chel said...

btw, that photo is ADORABLE!!

MoolyBee said...

I always loved May for the idea of making cute little paper baskets, filling them with flowers, and hanging them on neighbors' doors for MayDay. Never actually did any of those things, but there's still time!

And that is an awesome pic! Makes me think you're gonna have some serious cute on your hands in just a bit!

San said...

Ah, such a cute pic. I love May too, but for no other reason than that everything is in bloom. *happy sigh*
Special things? I'm currently pondering the question which sportsclub to join. Triathlon or swimming? I'll see.