Thursday, August 11, 2011

the man behind the curtain

Another perspective of Friday night's Indie Market.
behind the scenes
On another note, I want to let you know how thankful Edgar and I are for your continued readership. In the past, we've always tried to follow-up with every comment, visiting blogs and getting to know you better. Unfortunately, time doesn't allow for that right now. But, rest assured we take note of every comment we receive...follower we gain....and that your presence here inspires us beyond words and sketches! Thank you!


Ann's Art said...

Hi to you all, Completely understand your commitments and actually I am amazed that you find time for any of this at the moment, but so glad you do. Seeing your combined art works is great, and inspiring, but it is also lovely to hear about your little men:)

shas said...

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TeresaR said...

No need to apologize for being new parents of twins! You just take good care of yourselves, and keep posting those adorable photos of your little ones, and we'll be happy. ;)

Jack said...

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Will be coming back,