Monday, August 01, 2011

silly business

I spent some time at my mom and dad's over the weekend, and for the first time in quite a while had an opportunity to draw for pure pleasure--and what a pleasure it was!
This is my niece Wren (aka the best babysitter I know) reading Silly Business, a much-loved book in the Buchanan house. Originally given to my father by his grandfather in the 1940s, my sisters and I have studied this collection of cartoons to the point that we reference it's punchlines nearly every time we're together. It's good to see the humor isn't lost on Wren.

Today happens to be Wren's 8th Birthday! Can't believe it has been four years since she was a sleepy tot in a car seat!


martinealison said...

Il est bon de retrouver des livres aimés oubliés...
Gros bisous

TeresaR said...

Happy 8th birthday, Wren! And happy drawing day, Suzanne! =)