Thursday, September 29, 2011

a prickly subject

We've lived with this cactus for four years. In that time it hasn't grown a millimeter. Makes me wonder just how old it must be..


Helen Ström said...

Interesting question! I'll have to look closer into the growth of cactuses!

TeresaR said...

It's just like Yoda: ancient, green, and short, with a few prickly hairs sticking out this way and that! ;D

Have a wonderful weekend!

Nezzy said...

Now that is a prickly question. I'm impressed you've had it four years.

I'm the kinda of chick who really likes to take care of thing and end up overwaterin' my cactus where they wither up and croak! Heeehehhe!

God bless ya and have a fantastic weekend!!! :o)

Ellen said...

I have a huge one in my yard that has thrived for years and just gets bigger and bigger. I'm thinking it might be taller than us mortals. And I live where there are winters with snow and ice and never thought it would survive. Wonderful that they are so hardy.

suzanne cabrera said...

I'm surprised too Ellen! Your comment makes me think that perhaps its the small container that's limiting my pet cactus' growth.