Tuesday, October 04, 2011

four eyes, two heartbeats, twenty toes

Miles + Max at their 4-month checkup this morning.

After a couple of days of being down in the dumps (for no good reason whatsoever), I got a reminder today of how incredibly, incredibly fortunate I am.


littlemithi said...

They are wonderful and you are incredibly fortunate - and you deserve to be so! Lots of love and hugs (and thanks for the message)

Helen Ström said...

Thank you Suzanne for charing and for showing us your two treasures, Miles and Max. I can only congratulate you for what you have here! You'll see, the moments of joy will be much more frequent and present than the blues we can have sometimes while being a mother.
Take it easy and take care of you all.
Ps : You have two! You get the double of love back!! ;D
A hug, Helen.

Chel said...

beautiful beautiful boys!!

suzanne cabrera said...

Mithi, Helen, Chel : Thank you :D

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

They are so beautiful!

martinealison said...

De bien beaux bébés... Je vous fais de gros bisous à vous trois...
Le passage à l'automne nous fragilise un peu... Plein de bonnes choses pour vous.

Meili said...

Suzanne, my baby is 6 months old and I still feel down in the dumps some days. Motherhood is hard. Your boys are so beautiful. I'm happy that you were able to have a moment of gratitude today. It's those joyful moments that carry us through the difficult times.

I love that, although they are twins, they have such different features. Sketch away!

TeresaR said...

Your hormones take a looong time to settle down after giving birth...and then, too, there are those of us who had kind of bad postpartum depression (I hope you don't have that).

They are so beautiful and soooo cute the way they're holding hands!! Makes me wish I had had twins. :}

Sending you lots of loving thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Hello, This is your best peice of art work yet:) They are so wonderful!
Thank you for helping my down day,

Nezzy said...

Oh darlin' this make me just want to sit back and belt out the Beetles...."I Wanna Hold Your Hand!!!"

You dear one are so very blessed with double the love! Miles and Max are just the most precious gift ever. 'Just perfect!

God bless and have an incredible day sweetie!!! :o)

Ann's Art said...

I love the way they are holding hands...united in togetherness.