Monday, October 24, 2011

getting back in the swing of things

...after spending a few days with the boys at my folks'.
miles swinging


Em said...

If only fart noises would keep me entertained!

Beautiful pic. My son had one of those swings and it was a godsend.

martinealison said...

Un croquis magnifique... gros bisous

Molly said...

I want you to picture my very large and precious boy launching himself out of this very swing onto the floor where he landed on his belly and then began laughing. Imagine my surprise when I heard him laughing (when he was supposed to be sleeping) and found him face down on the carpet. Heart Attack USA.
I apparently breed wild children.

suzanne cabrera said...


This is one of my greatest fears! Thank goodness Tatum enjoys a good fall!

Annie B said...

Hi (this is Mira and Diana's friend, Anne...I met you guys at your booth at the Indie Market downtown) This sketch made me chuckle, I love it. I had to comment as the swing is the ONLY way that my husband and I can make and eat dinner without our 2 month old screaming (unfortunately pacifiers don't work for her!)
This is a very familiar site.
P.S. I love your blog!