Saturday, November 19, 2011

letting nature take the lead

In the past Edgar has been determined to rake up the leaves from the million trees that surround our house as soon as they touch the ground. This year, however, the babies [or should I say, our bosses] have kept him too busy indoor to maintain the yard. As a result, when we look out our windows now the ground isn't a mossy green, but a wash of gold and amber. It reminds us just how beautiful nature is when left to do its own thing.



TeresaR said...

Max and Miles have their own personal agenda to help you see the beauty of nature...yeah, that's it! ;)

Pretty soon, though, they'll want Edgar to rake again: this time into a huge pile so they can leap into it. Kids and leaf piles...don't know what it is with them.

Leah Samour said...

Oh, that sounds so lovely! I miss fall foliage (there's a surprising lack of it in florida, ha:). Love the sketch!

rebecca trump said...

Bright colors of leaves are beautiful on the grown :)
We leave ours till they turn brown!

Cindy said...

my brother is the same way and kind of gets annoyed with the neighbor's tree for dropping leaves on his lawn. thing is, they do look pretty and i'm not sure what would happen if you just let them decompose?