Wednesday, December 07, 2011

a happy recap

Sharing the work we do doesn't always come easy.

I remember being very reluctant to start this blog a little over five years ago as I didn't know how I'd handle the criticism that was certain to come with going public. The internet can be a very mean place after all. This fear, however, was erased within my first week's worth of posts as I was introduced to an incredibly warm community of people who not only didn't tear me to shreds, but offered their unrelenting support.

But, while it's one thing to hang out behind a computer screen, it's another to stand by and attempt to sell your work in person. For many years this is something Edgar and I have both wanted to do, but ahhh, the pain to sit quietly and watch others mull over your work's [or in a sense, your] worth.

For this reason, this weekend's double dose of craft fairs ---The Greensboro First Friday Indie Market on Friday, and The Big Crafty in Asheville on Sunday--was a big hurdle for us. We tried to go into it with 'no expectations' but inside hoped we'd receive a fraction of the support that we've had the great fortune to meet online. Looking back over the past three days, we are once again in awe of the supportive community that surrounds us and humbled by the way in which our illustrations have been received. Trust me when I say that no kind word goes unheard, no smile overlooked.

I'm sure I speak for others out there when I say it is wonderful to have people connect with the thing you love to do most. For us it's not about the money, but the feeling that we are doing what we should be. Your gracious response to that which we put forward confirms this...and its a very good feeling.

Thank you so very much.


martinealison said...

En ce qui me concerne je suis très heureuse de lire vos publications, dès que je trouve le temps de me connecter... Je vous incite à continuer encore et encore...
Gros bisous

Molly said...

So happy that you're doing what you love to do...what you're meant to do.
Your artistic talent is an absolute blessing from the Lord. I'm thrilled that you're using it!
I've been dreaming of us partnering together for a children's book...I think we'd make a good team:).

DeVona said...

I'm glad your talent is being recognized and appreciated and valued! I've been drawing my own line of notecards and calendars since 1986 because it's part of who I am, can't help it! ( I can't support myself on my earnings but it gives me immense satisfaction).

rebecca trump said...

The works of art that y'all create are AMAZING. I am a huge fan of both your work and your kind kind personalities that are evident from you blog. :)
Thank you for sharing :)

TeresaR said...

That's so wonderful! So glad that it went well and that it affirms your artistic convictions. :)

Moody said...

Very cool :) I'm just starting up my blog so I'm at the beginning of my journey but it's good to hear that over time you find your way. It *is* a bit scary but I guess you have to do what you have to do!