Monday, February 20, 2012

sketchworthy service : everyone at mythos grill

Recently Edgar and I were discussing the fact that it had been a while since we'd posted about sketchworthy service. After giving it a bit of thought [it didn't take much] we realized it had been approximately nine months since our last post and, coincidentally, nine months since the babies were born. No wonder we hadn't posted about outstanding service...we've hardly left the house!

Going out with twin babies isn't the easiest. [I still haven't figured out the best way to fit two newborns in a shopping cart.] But, when I do get the opportunity, I appreciate good service all the more.
This is exactly the reason we enjoy going to Mythos Grill or 'to The Greeks' as Edgar tends to exclaim as we get in the car. [Yes, exclaim!] While the gyros, souvlaki, and baklava are top notch, it's the staff that keeps us going back. Every person...EVERY PERSON we've come in contact with at Mythos has been accommodating, courteous and super nice. Special kudos go to the owners, Eddie and Miranda Balla, and the young bus boy who wears skinny jeans at the Battleground location :D Jobs well done!

About this series : Having both spent our fair share of time employed in customer service, we really value meeting people working with the public who seem to genuinely care about their jobs and the people they come in contact with. We find that it's these individuals, not necessarily their products, that make us repeat customers. Occasionally we highlight these fine folks as we encounter them, believing excellent work should be noted, valued and appreciated.


Molly Nelson said...

I love, love, love that you guys do this. What an encouragement to local businesses!

Way to go!

fatmi said...

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la ninja said...

totally with you on this one.
I've stopped going to caf├ęs/restaurants because of the service and faithfully stuck with others for the same (inversely proportional) reason :)

Rebecca Trump said...

Service - not product, makes me a repeat customer every time. I agree so much!!