Thursday, March 15, 2012

sweet and savory

Julie Andrews didn't include 'dinners in tupperware containers' among her favorite things, but then again she never came home from the hospital with two babies. If she did, the lyrics would surely change.
Advice from the trenches: never underestimate the healing power of a prepared meal. I had NO IDEA how amazing it was to have friends bring dinner during the first days of parenthood until, well, my first days of parenthood. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the many [Debbie, Tim, Jo, Michelle, Barbara, Sarah Margaret, Addie, Megan, Claire, Matt, Cathrine, Eric...] who took the time to fill our bellies in those early weeks and especially to Patrick, who thought to coordinate a dinner delivery schedule. So smart!


TeresaR said...

You have truly wonderful friends!

Rebecca Trump said...

sounds like great friends to me :)
I am really liking your black+green drawings, too!!!

fados do lar said...

It's really supreme the way you thank all your friends :D. I bet they are honored. Congrats.